• What do I have to consider before getting married?
  • What are my rights and duties during marriage?
  • What becomes of my children and what about child custody in case of separation or divorce?
  • What about my own property during marriage and liability for debts?
  • What do I have to consider regarding household effects and the matrimonial home?
  • Who is entitled to support and who has to pay how much support to whom and
    for how long? / Support after divorce – how much and for how long?
  • What are the essentials of a marriage contract and what its legal limits?
  • How do I safeguard a patchwork family under the law?


Today, marriage is not the only recognised option for two people living together. There are also extra-marital cohabitation as well as the civil partnership for same-sex couples. And living together in patchwork families frequently raises legal issues.

The function of family law is to shape the relationships between closely related and connected people in a future-proof way. It is necessary to guarantee the security and permanent safeguarding of the individual rights of those affected. In case of any questions, please contact us.


The fees for the services of German lawyers are governed by the Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz (RVG, Lawyers’ Compensation Act) which regulates the settlement of lawyers’ fees. If necessary, it is also possible to agree on an RVG-independent fee basis.

We would be glad to outline the cost to be expected in the individual case in a personal counselling interview.